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our journey continues

day by day, cycle on in, we post up in the french quarter making our way selling artwork to passerby’s and new family. the story’s that are shared are so highly valued. the appreciation for artwork is beyond what we expected when thrusting ourselves into the maze that is New Orleans. we are welcomed and it is beautiful. everything here teaches you a lesson. if you want a guide to making due in a city like this, you should subscribe to our journey because we will give you the run down- the ins an outs- the raw.

yesterday we restocked in our Vol.i “the harbinger” shirts, and we even felt like building some exclusive colors to the collection.
there are only three green shirts in existence currently for VOL.i – you won’t be able to order them online, only at the pop-up shops, so we apologize for flaunting.

if you follow us on twitter you can learn when the next one takes place though, that’s for sure. here’s a hint-

Tuesday March 21st at EIFFEL SOCIETY- you can scoop up one of these, only size available is medium. we have two left.

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