cvlt aesthetics

art+clothing project


everything is as it should be-

late summer nights staying awake with your weekend warriors. we own the night. we own the world. and in this moment, we are infinite.

our hands held high with our voices chanting into the moon. howling as if we are forest spirits dancing about a fire. rituals. magic. music. spells.

early mornings greeting the sun happen more often now. time slips by faster these days. living life in a creative project brings out new strengths in us that we never imagined possible. the direction and passion towards this narrative is meant to inspire any and all who cross our paths. we are far more than just trying to sell you shirts. we are an art society. a gang of friends who passionately create.

inspired by the wanderlust of existence. inspired by the collective conscious. we live to create.

this project only exists because of the outside world. we just create art, get invited to social gatherings and meet like minded lovers who find solace in our design. an appreciation of the arts. we expound on the phenomena of interpreting the connection that happens when you feel compelled to bring our illustrations home with you.

for we are all connected.
we are all a family.
everything is as it should be.

july 5th, we will release the new summer collection. sign up here to get immediate notifications and sneak previews.

learn how this collection was made possible in such a short amount of time.


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