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my life is falling apart, with strife we make good art, i like this sauna car.

unfortunately (because i fail to pinpoint the exact date) it was some unknown day in March at Jackson Square when i rode up on my bike to meet this kid sketching in their notebook. he wore brown/blonde hair and a black cut off shirt. today was a significant day. i saw a glowing light around you. the very golden glow that helps me intersect with main characters of our story. key players to the game.

we laughed and talked about so much. it saddens me how i can’t exactly pinpoint the course of our conversation. the main thing i remember is that they were filled with positive words. discussing the life of the artist. the journey of adding value to our name- i shared with you my vision to build an arts community- kind of making an art gang. making money off our creations. being dedicated to the craft. exploration.

the guitar you played- you had a thing with melody and songwriting. you were incredible gifted. you drank turmeric water just like me at the time. i was very lost and found comfort in the short bus you stored all of us street artists in. we woke up in a hot bus to walk the streets of New Orleans singing songs and shouting at the corner of Decatur and Governor Nichols. you visited me with your road buddies at Pancakes and Booze to support the art show i was in. you showed me what it meant to just be yourself and not really worry to much what other people thought. who cares if we sat in the streets selling our art. speaking of art- i never met anyone who was so far along as yourself with your work- yes you were even overly talented at drawing.

my parting gift for you before you began your travels was the volume ii birds of paradise cvlt aesthetics shirt. it was given out of complete love for you- you gave me hope trying to survive in the streets. i wanted  you to have a piece of me while you adventured.

today i learned your real name in a police report. it read that you were killed in a car crash by a semi truck. i wanted for this to be a really sad joke- dark humor you know upon first receiving this information. Rest In Power Adam J. Bretall (AJ)- you were one of the greatest cosmic friends to have crossed my path. i wanted more than anything to see you again from your journey to Florida.

when i felt like everything was lost, we sat in your bus and i said “my life is falling apart” –  you followed with “with strife we make good art, i like this sauna car”

that means- our lives are never easy. with these troublesome times, we use that to make really good works of art be it visual or musical. to travel and wake up in parking lots baked from the sun, the sauna car becomes more of a treasure than a hindrance. it built character.

thank you for the time you shared with me- thank you for impacting my life and the MANY lives of others the way you did. you will live forever inside my heart, my art, and throughout this artistic project.

– Leeaux

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