cvlt aesthetics

art+clothing project


look into the mirror,

this was created from selling art in the streets and at art parties. thank you Shawn for claiming a piece of art. you grabbed a Zander, the as above, so below “Lord Zander” piece. which is totally amazing. welcome to the family. we want to have more greetings and introductions like these.

yeah, we spend many hours at the table, sulking thinking how mentally to cope with social awkwardness- but having really cool stuff. we make due, a relationship is usually formed. patience is virtue.

we’re going to be publishing artwork on our ello account that you could purchase. it would be rather easy on their, so standby for this.

this story is getting a lot more technical.

you can purchase our gear in Red Truck Gallery on Royal St. now. that came completely left field, like an ace from the clouds.

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