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Author: leeaux

Cvlt Aesthetics is not a street wear brand

cvlt aesthetics is a poetic response to modern day stimuli.

cvlt aesthetics is a continued vision of exploration through the arts.

this is more for the “if you know, you know” crowd.

we are a family of art lovers, art makers, and inspired individuals.

our gaze runs deeper than the surface.

belief is a tool used by man to shape the future.

five years ago cvlt aesthetics was created to cure my troubled thoughts. it was the belief of something greater beyond the veil. something far more complex almost alchemic in thought and nature.

with this tool artwork alone has carried us from Louisiana, to Los Angeles, to Denver, to Las Vegas, and many other places in-between. in every place we continue growing the family.

looking back we have another post published exactly a year ago on this day. that’s wild.

time has a fun way of leading us. last year we weren’t in a global pandemic.

unprecedented times are among us as we type.

we’ll get through this together.

we’ll serve as a friendly reminder that art saves lives.

become reminded of why you create

there is something larger than what we can exactly grasp tethering us to one-another through art.

our project is an act to thoughtfully define the mysteries we face when consuming things favorably created by man. in example a common witness to creativity is transmutation of anxiety and fear into light.

thankful we are for this ability without it many would feel overwhelmed and lost.

we passionately believe that art saves lives.

we have countless examples of someones favorite musician writing into words and sounds letters of encouragement helping to relate in times of trouble or dread. sometimes these forms of expression keeps the listener going to the next day capable of taking on conflict knowing they are not alone.

often we’re notified how our journey making artwork motivates others to accomplish a variety of ideas and goals.

art is a phenomena that introduces worlds to those who couldn’t see them before.

cvlt aesthetics
photo by Jess Kelly

in 2014 before this brand existed we crossed paths with the band known as Silent Planet.

we were set up with original card stock illustrations selling artwork outside of the venue.

not having any money at the time, we attempted to make our entry fee to see them perform from art sales.

Garrett Russell noticed me and immediately wanted to support my art. i admit, it was very unexpected to me because i was so used to bands having an arrogant rock star mentality. that wasn’t the case whatsoever. not in the slightest.

during the night we experienced immense syncronicities and dejavu. while they performed i channeled a message into an illustration. it was a broken planet, some honey bees, and a script “the meek will inherit the earth”. this imagery was inherently significant to us all.

this phenomena led to my never ending journey of understanding these complexities and blossomed my relationship with them. it’s been five years since and the universe continues to bring my artwork to new cities. Silent Planet just so happens to arrive at each one. unplanned.

photo by Jess Kelly

together we write our story out for others to read.

together we share our passion for art, for it is truly our calling.

as the years pass and pages turn, we unconditionally follow our art inspiring hundreds and thousands in our path.

this is what it means to save a life through art.

photos by Jess Kelly

not all who wander are lost

greetings fellow wanderer, welcome to cvlt aesthetics. we have been a clothing brand since the fall of 2015. we’re truly thankful to be able to share this time with any new subscriber reading this. you are why we exist. cvlt aesthetics is a project dedicated to understanding the relationship between mankind and the arts. art is a healing force of nature that provides us with memories helping make us who we are today. life is too sacred to take for granted. creation is everything. it’s our leading force for this brand.

we are artists. we exist off the kindness of those who wish to financially support us. just a friendly reminder how this works. a friendly reminder how art works.

we recently relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada. we are looking to claim a studio to continue creating art out of. if you want to help us achieve this goal or have any leads please email us at contact@cvltaesthetics.com if you want to donate to help the cause please click the tab in our menu or click here.

art saves lives.

our journey continues in a much stronger way now. we’re elated to share the progress we will be making with you all over time. we have entered a completely new chapter of this clothing brand. while we desire to remain authentic we get met with the need to promote our garments sometimes. thank you for baring with us on the days we have to promote ourselves. to balance this out, we have connected a sister brand to our project through ARTCVLT.

this is called the ARTCVLT x TEAMKILLEVERYONE INITIATIVE. TEAMKILLEVERYONE is a global contemporary arts & culture website. as of this moment typing this out our site is under maintenance. [ www.teamkilleveryone.com ] SHORTLY she will be online and fully operational until the end of time. (right along with this site)

everything you do matters.

pay attention to how you treat yourself and others.

we hope this inspired you.

more soon.



welcome to the family,

“the pulse of creativity”
our brother Zach Chrisman rocking the Pisces Zodiac tee

we’re now entering the month of August. the support for this clothing + art project has been phenomenal so far. this progress has been unbelievable to watch. what we’ve built is a family of creative spirits coming together for the appreciation and philanthropy of the arts. thank you.

we are the pulse of the underground. this swamp is our home.

$hane Valley at ARTCVLT XIII (2)

as always, we encourage forms of expression free of judgment. within our society you’re free to be however you desire. become the creative change you desire to see. there are no rule books for the path of the road less traveled.


the long awaited return of our first cvlt aesthetics design

we are elated to share that we’re on the third generation of the very first design we released. this is the traditional tee that’s shaped the core of Cvlt Aesthetics. it’s what started it all. the OUROBOROS long sleeve.

you can order one if you would like from our new webstore directly from our website.

(purchase link)