cvlt aesthetics

art+clothing project



We are raw unfiltered creativity from the gulf-coast. This entire clothing brand was made from selling artwork in the streets. More information soon.
Our website crashed on June 13th, 2017.

Since 2015.

[bio as of July 2nd, 2017 is written below]

Cvlt Aesthetics is an art and clothing project founded in the streets of Louisiana. Cvlt Aesthetics is a poetic expression of the daily life as an artist making work and understanding their role in society. Originally this project was created to eliminate the borders of society via the arts. Art is one of the few phenomena in our existence that speaks without words. Without art many individuals would be without purpose.
Our entire platform expounds on the connection between conscious understanding of the arts realm and the magic that exists within.
This project is a manifestation to the lifestyle of the road less traveled as a creator. It is meant to inspire.
Cvlt Aesthetics is the evolving magnum opus to Louisiana’s visual artist, Leeaux.
We are creating a society of artists of all discipline who passionately create.
welcome to the family.
carpe diem
we live to create.