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the long awaited return of our first cvlt aesthetics design

we are elated to share that we’re on the third generation of the very first design we released. this is the traditional tee that’s shaped the core of Cvlt Aesthetics. it’s what started it all. the OUROBOROS long sleeve.

you can order one if you would like from our new webstore directly from our website.

(purchase link)


the zodiac collection kicks off july 2018

this month we were finally able to harness the power of the Zodiac. for each remaining month of 2018 a new sign is set to be released. you can view the available collection now at our new web-store here. every image embodies a tone of each Zodiac sign designed by artist & founder Leeaux.

the sign featured below is Cancer, which is the month of July. (late June early July) ♋

On February 11th we held a party for the new collection.


this is absolutely insane. thank you entirely. we have collectively come a really long way as a family and as artists. we are the society that’s connected throughout the love of art. the passion of creation is the fuel.  i cannot believe the level of collaborations taking place. coming from Little Rock, AR Matthew Castellano is known for his incredible surreal hieroglyphics, depicting usually alchemic and occult carvings or figures who grip you and bring you into their reality otfen through amputation rituals. we found our collaboration very fitting for the new official artcvlt garments/collection.

we also paired with Knowla Company. Knowla has been a brand for over ten years. it’s a honor to have built such a brotherhood with them. we have plans for more creative collaborations like this and we are already preparing for another collection to release.

our sights are set on a frontier in the arts industry that’s been untapped for a while. follow our journey, you can witness this unfold and participate.

we are the dreamers weaving life. we are the story being told. join us.

welcome to the art cvlt.

look into the mirror,

this was created from selling art in the streets and at art parties. thank you Shawn for claiming a piece of art. you grabbed a Zander, the as above, so below “Lord Zander” piece. which is totally amazing. welcome to the family. we want to have more greetings and introductions like these.

yeah, we spend many hours at the table, sulking thinking how mentally to cope with social awkwardness- but having really cool stuff. we make due, a relationship is usually formed. patience is virtue.

we’re going to be publishing artwork on our ello account that you could purchase. it would be rather easy on their, so standby for this.

this story is getting a lot more technical.

you can purchase our gear in Red Truck Gallery on Royal St. now. that came completely left field, like an ace from the clouds.