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the family of friends and artists that are supportive of the arts society we’re building is unheard of this day and age. a bit of imagination and creativity goes a very long way if you believe in yourself. others will see how hard you’re trying and then begin lending a helping hand or two. before you know it, the thoughts in your head are unfolding before your very eyes. the side effect is the community of free thinkers and visionaries our project gravitates.

friday the 13th was an example of that…

we held our spooky friday the 13th art show XIII in partnership with our family in knowla company & gloomy nation. we collaborated to host probably one of the coolest (we’re sure there’s many) art gatherings to grace the underground arts community of new orleans. #artcvlt xiii exhibition was out of a movie- completely a master piece of friends and lovers of the arts. it was such a honor being able to curate this gathering.

here’s the list of artists who showcased artwork: ida floreak, devin derbes, mr. balloon hands, equoni, leeaux, yoko, willo, tori benoit, yorel warr, chow.osama, & matthew castellano

here’s the list of artists who performed (order of performance): concept, abasi qadahfi, hellboy.hellboy, proper channels, e.t., austin rapbaum, tonee shark, dapper dan, shane valley, neji vibez, pauly, & djenko

many blessings for our friends at Mid City Pizza who sent some hot slices our way keeping bellies happy -there’s a special place in our hearts for you and Knowla Company.

sharing and tagging #artcvlt helps keep information floating around, thank you for sharing what you captured.

  • wednesday, october 18th we are gathering for a music and animation showcase. we’re screening all the episodes of FLCL (fooly cooly) and after, we have a line up of performing artists taking the stage. we invite you to join us, visit our artcvlt tab for information.


artcvlt xiii an artshow,


friday the 13th art show // XIII //


theme: as above, so below

featuring the works of some of the illest in the city. /new orleans arts & hip-hop society

we are a collective of talented artists, thank you for joining us this evening.

free pizza / bar / tattoos & more – get film, get spooky,


here is the email link for all information {that you would get if you subscribed}

this is that “last call” for the lazy friends who have not subscribed to our cvlt.


enter god mind

the lighting was perfect for the eclipse this monday. how incredible of an experience. we enjoyed it down here in New Orleans. not full totality but blessed enough to experience the vibes and bright yet gloomy weather. it was a very introspective day. i contemplated the path of my life. what should be released to begin a new lifestyle that compliments my way. the weekend of the eclipse brought a surge of vibes that cause a lot of our friends to start drinking heavily, break up their relationships, take new career paths, and probably more changes that went unnoticed. this world is still as magical since it was first spoken into existence. it’s up to you to be receptive of the forces of nature.