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as hard as it is to completely digest what happened, we plan to make due and rebuild our site from scratch again. parts of me think that everything happens for a reason and this is a chance to fully share our vision regarding this brand. it took two years to get to where we are, it’s really heart breaking to have to start from scratch but we hope our friends and family continue to stand by our side and continue to promote and support our cause.

thank you


do not look back in sadness that it’s ending, look back in joy that it happened


When exploration calls you, go. Get up and start pedaling towards your next journey or story. Staying in one spot for the longest time can really drag on you emotionally sometimes. Imagine sitting in a completely white room, with no artwork anywhere. That feeling over time starts bleeding into your dimension and daily activities. A simple cure could be a change of scenery. A new bike path. Switch up your diet. Mind your thinking. Mind over matter.

[originally posted: June 7th, 2017]


we hope you’re enjoying your stay.

we hope you’re creating memories.

we can’t express enough how powerful music is, it throws you into a portal back into a time that you never thought could exist again,

cherish that.

there is value in mental wellness and these memories help.

the other day we took some photos by this real rad  swampy spot under some highway. life can be this simple at times.


[originally posted: June 4th, 2017]

music on the mind

this is an appreciation post. we want to thank all of the musicians who use their gift of creation to craft the sounds that get us through the day. without music, we would be lost.
music invokes a strong sense of creativity, emotion, or memory that reminds us we are here- in the moment. it leaves you wanting more. the greatest part about music is everyone feels something completely different when being consumed by the melodies. it’s the honey on the lips of mortality. truly a gift to mankind.
thank you Clams Casino, thank you Silent Planet, thank you albert b., thank you Dylan Seals, thank you to the many other creators who influence this brand or our artwork musically. thank you for creating pathways in our mind that fuels this creation process.

who would be interested in listening to track listings of some of the music that influences us?

photo taken by: Jacob Nadler

#joinus x http://eepurl.com/cQp_Of

our journey continues

day by day, cycle on in, we post up in the french quarter making our way selling artwork to passerby’s and new family. the story’s that are shared are so highly valued. the appreciation for artwork is beyond what we expected when thrusting ourselves into the maze that is New Orleans. we are welcomed and it is beautiful. everything here teaches you a lesson. if you want a guide to making due in a city like this, you should subscribe to our journey because we will give you the run down- the ins an outs- the raw.

yesterday we restocked in our Vol.i “the harbinger” shirts, and we even felt like building some exclusive colors to the collection.
there are only three green shirts in existence currently for VOL.i – you won’t be able to order them online, only at the pop-up shops, so we apologize for flaunting.

if you follow us on twitter you can learn when the next one takes place though, that’s for sure. here’s a hint-

Tuesday March 21st at EIFFEL SOCIETY- you can scoop up one of these, only size available is medium. we have two left.