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we celebrated culture last night

our Golden Chips x Cvlt Aesthetics art pop-up was a successful gathering unlike anything we have ever done.

that phrase -you never know until you try- was our blood fueling the the gathering for the night. dreams and reality are not too far apart right now. if you have the idea, it’s up to you to make it happen.

last night we celebrated culture. we gathered and sang songs to the cosmos and the French Quarter streets. we painted and performed. we were infinite for a moment.

blessings to our hosts and family at Golden Chips who made sure we were fed.

this is the definition of culture. it’s insane to think our gifts all syncing in perfect harmony gave for such a pleasant night. our society of the arts is growing and it’s through these holy moments that we honor our gifts bestowed.

thank you – for all who came out to experience this very rare and raw event. thank you to the contributing artists who rebuilt that corner of Toulouse St. and made it what it was. many thanks to Golden Chips for opening their doors.

Carpe Diem



Cvlt Aesthetics x Golden Chips

Saturday July 22nd we are hosting an art+music pop-up at Golden Chips in the French Quarter. Golden Chips is a Belgium Fry restaurant that serves up real filling and radical fries. our founder Leeaux will be live painting a new work of art for them to rest on their walls accompanied by the music from Shane Clay, Neji Vibez, and E.T. – this was seriously just an idea at first that came to life.

we firmly believe in the support of even mom & pop shops. if we have the opportunity to host our art or go live in collaboration with them, we’re probably going to take it. to rsvp click here.

creative minds mini meeting

brothers of the arts, Neji Vibez and Pauly touched down so we could talk about slight improvements for our art shows and a few more plans for the future.

there’s a lot of building taking place setting up some of the new art gatherings for the fall. we are kind of planning to take this project a bit further after last nights inspiration. thank you.

we adventured around the French Quarter consuming coffee and brainstorming.

for so long i (Leeaux) survived on Brother’s fries. pretty much the entire summer of 2016- every other day a small or large order of french fries. this is the life-style of the artist. also fun fact- to save money to produce the first batch of the Armageddon Collection tees that was a majority of my diet.



the universe will never bring you anything you are unable to handle

we rode our bikes into the night clueless of an actual destination. this is Eli. he’s a really beautiful person. inside and out. we ended up biking through City Park becoming engulfed and lost in the lush labyrinth. we eventually continued through a long stretch of road that was surrounded by graveyards. surreal to know that eventually we end up in one of those tombs. that’s the bittersweet story of life honestly.

after biking home we realized that Eli never got his biscuits &  gravy after we paid full price and leaving a $olid tip. much like this, life will remain bittersweet. the memories last as long as we allow. we hope you had a great day today and drank lots of coffee.

stay connected- we are hosting some art shows throughout the month of July in New Orleans. you can subscribe to be invited here.
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thanks for reading.


behind the scenes


here are some behind the scenes photos from our shoot on july 1st for the new tee.

it was a great time going out and capturing these product shots. super thankful for our models Chris and Tori.

this entire day was blissful and surly one to remember. we paraded the streets during Essence Fest weekend. we became infinite for a moment.