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cc: Jonathan Lockwood

there is so much joy in sharing our friend’s photography on our platforms. photography has played a critical element in the production of this project. we consistently remain inspired by adventure and capturing these moments. there are layers to this.

cc: Jonathan Lockwood. (via #artcvlt)

journey into the depths

a word from the founder pt 1:

“everything that takes place within this project is intended to be raw creative expression. this has taken shape into our daily lives.
to make this entirely clear, this project has become so much of my  life. mainly because i chose for this to be.

this brand has become a way to express my creative vision as freely as i want to. if you want to get real… this is pretty much my mind in the form of a website. this is my magnum opus in motion. i dedicated my life to becoming a better visual artist and making art my only means of survival at the start of winter in 2013. in 2014 i relentlessly began a journey into the depths of artistic mastery. in the fall of 2015 i created Cvlt Aesthetics. this all came about from a personal understanding of my role in the world i live in – in relation to the community/realm around me.

as time went on, people began to notice this more as i shared each new shirt produced with my artwork on it. a year ago today i began unintentionally drawing the Armageddon Collection immediately after Clams Casino, one of my main musical influences, shared my art on the internet. around mid July i got them produced after selling my art in the streets of New Orleans.

in three days, the fifth design will be made public and shared to the friends, family, and readers of this project.

thanks for your time just now reading this blurb. i wanted to try and give a little background information to those who are just now finding out about this.”

with love, power, dedication and creative freedom…


we have been invited to share artwork

we have been invited to share artwork at our brother Ryan’s birthday celebration this weekend in Arabi, Louisiana. if you are not familiar with Arabi, it’s located east of St. Claude. here is a Google Maps Link of the location. this is going to be a really awesome time. it’s such a honor to be able to participate. we hope to have some new surprises for all who attend. we encourage you to join us!  here is the Facebook link. thank you.

this should be your weekend plans in New Orleans.

on June 13th we glitched the world

on June 13th, we glitched the world.

it was really insane. we glitched the world so badly that our art show was cancelled due to venue maintenance and our website got erased from the internet. yeah, that all happened in one day. it was devastating surly and to be completely honest, a part of me knew something tragic would happen. it’s a sign for sure that as much as you want to accomplish anything in this realm, it can be easily taken away from you causing you to think fast, and act on your toes and release your attachment to certain things. it was unbelievable.

photo by: Jacob Nadler

our website contained a lot of blog posts that were to act as medicine for artists, creatives, art philanthropists, etc. this is designed to be a creative inspiring safe place and a forum of freedom of expression. this is not just a clothing brand, but an actual movement taking place among a society of artists. this is raw.

photo by: Jacob Nadler

we began rescheduling our ARTCVLT art show for later in June. we will feature the same line up of musicians plus a couple new faces added to the bill. we do not wish to over crowd our shows or make them like any ordinary event. the nature of this project is very raw on its own,  and we want to deliver this if you wish to experience our project in person. the support that came from the woodwork was so genuine and heartfelt, thank you for believing in us, seriously.

we encourage you to SIGN UP to be invited to any of our gatherings, to be the first to know any latest news, or just remain connected in general.
we are currently rebuilding, everything- cheers.


do not look back in sadness that it’s ending, look back in joy that it happened


When exploration calls you, go. Get up and start pedaling towards your next journey or story. Staying in one spot for the longest time can really drag on you emotionally sometimes. Imagine sitting in a completely white room, with no artwork anywhere. That feeling over time starts bleeding into your dimension and daily activities. A simple cure could be a change of scenery. A new bike path. Switch up your diet. Mind your thinking. Mind over matter.

[originally posted: June 7th, 2017]


we hope you’re enjoying your stay.

we hope you’re creating memories.

we can’t express enough how powerful music is, it throws you into a portal back into a time that you never thought could exist again,

cherish that.

there is value in mental wellness and these memories help.

the other day we took some photos by this real rad  swampy spot under some highway. life can be this simple at times.


[originally posted: June 4th, 2017]